Dec 9, 2016

Christmas Culture

In the olden days, Jews and Christians were experts in taking over secular festivals and giving them theological meaning. Pentecost is one such example. People in the ancient world celebrated the festival or feast of the harvest. Yet at some point, Christians and Jews co-opted this secular holiday and turned it into a sacred holy-day. Now, secular culture has co-opted Christmas and made it a secular holiday. Nevertheless, contrary to popular secular belief, Christmas remains, for believers, a religious holiday.

We Christians celebrate the festival of Christmas as a holy day and season. We do so to remind ourselves of the original gift God gave in a manger—the Christ child. Angels, shepherds, and wise ones worshipped this Jesus as the Christ of God. I suppose, in some respects, that the world forgot the original meaning of Christmas and we believers are, to one degree or another, responsible.

After all, if we do not keep the meaning of Christmas alive for our children and the rest of our culture, then who will?

Come, Worship
Stay, Learn
Go, Serve

Don't forget, our annual Christmas Ring and Sing is this Sunday at 5:00 pm in the Great Hall! 


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