Mar 4, 2016

On Vision

Rick S. Johnson once wrote:

I live in a rapidly growing area, growing so fast that my Bishop, District Superintendent, and I have been looking for land to start a new church. As people look at barren land, what is it they see? 
A person starting a new business sees a new store with a beautiful parking lot—jammed with paying customers. Another person could see a home-site with trees, landscaping, and children playing, with a horse or two completing the vision. Church folks looking at a raw piece of land, however, envision a dynamic new congregation, where worship and Christian education help a community live the gospel. In each of the three cases, there is one common thread: all see something that is not there—yet! Each looks through the eyes of hope. They look not at what is, but rather what can be.

Are we at FUMC of Arlington capable of seeing things that are not there? Our challenge as a congregation is to be the visionaries for people in our community who need hope. If a church cannot offer people then what is it that we have to offer? This season of Lent, as we prepare for the glorious resurrection of Jesus by God’s mighty act, may we be part of the great hope that God offers Arlington—and the world.

Come, Worship
Stay, Learn
Go, Serve


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