Dec 11, 2015

An Advent Devotion: I

Read: Luke 1:47-55

Most of us, like Mary, live un-amazing and uneventful lives. But that is where God lives with us. Jesus was willing to accept the lowliest of births, an ordinary, mundane, and obscure life, and the lowest, most degrading form of death—death on a cross. Why did Jesus do that? Jesus died such a death to fulfill his mother’s song before his birth: “the Mighty One has done great things” for you and for me.

Millions of people this year and every year will sing carols about the savior of the world and yet have no room for Jesus in their lives, just as there was no room at the inn on the night of his birth. Each Christmas God gives us the opening to do something wonderful for ourselves and our souls. Receive Jesus and make room in your heart for him, and enable him to enable you to love others.

Prayer:  “Lord, during this season, help us remember your gift of mercy.” Amen.

Talk time: Offer God a word of thanksgiving as a gift today.

Love during Advent: Give something to someone you don’t know.

Come, Worship
Stay, Learn
Go, Serve


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