Oct 9, 2015

Children's Sabbath

For the United Methodist Church, our theme for Children’s Sabbath 2015 is: “How Long Must I Cry for Help.” As United Methodist Christians, our heritage resides in the care and concern for those who are more or less defenseless. This is especially true for our children, about whom we might say “are our future!!”

As many people in our congregation know, our Children’s Council has their hands full with Children’s issues from week to week right now as we search for a full-time Director of Children’s Ministry. Our interim children’s director is Jennifer Oakley. Please welcome and assist her as you can.

Yet I also want to lift up our promotion for children which our national church reminds us consists of our “aims to unite religious congregations of all faiths across the nation in shared concern for children and common commitment to improving their lives and working for justice on their behalf.”

During this important weekend as our denomination brings to light the plight of children in a “bigger, more powerful and more inspiring way than the efforts of any one congregation” or denomination can accomplish on its own. I ask you for your prayers for our children and adults who help lead them toward Christ.

Next year at this time I hope there are several ways we can celebrate the lives of children while drawing attention to their needs:

1. Plan services, educational sessions, and activities in your local church, including a sermon delivered by someone who advocates for children.
2. Join with one or more places of worship in shared services bringing congregations together.
3. Work with other congregations to sponsor an interfaith service to which the entire community is invited.
4. Invite local organizations serving children or working on their behalf to join in the celebration of these community-wide multi-faith Children’s Sabbath observations.

May we welcome our neighborhood children into our midst so they can experience the love of Christ while also learning about Jesus? May we also celebrate the wonderful children in our congregation and pray for them daily!

Come, Worship
Stay, Learn
Go, Serve


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