Aug 14, 2015

Take Care With your Prayer

This Sunday, after worship we will celebrate our church’s prayer ministries with a “Prayer Ministry Appreciation Reception.” You may look in the worship guide for better particulars—such as time and place. But we want to honor those who regularly and frequently pray on behalf of our congregation for the needs of the world.

Often in the course of our lives we pray fervently for certain things to pass. Often, if we do not take good care, we may end up having our prayers granted. Therefore we must be careful about the things for which we pray. What follows is a tongue-in-cheek look at fulfilling prayer.

Young Mary O’Connor, was a devout Roman Catholic, who fell in love with John Jones, a staunch Baptist. They wanted to get married, but Mary’s mother objected to her Catholic daughter marrying a Protestant.

Young Mary was heartbroken, but her mother suggested a solution: “Sell him on the Catholic Church,” she said. “Tell him about our sacred tradition; tell him about our dedicated martyrs and noble saints. Persuade him to become a Catholic, and then you can marry him.”

So Mary dried her eyes and went to see John. A little later, she returned home and burst through the door sobbing. “What’s the matter?” her mother asked. “Couldn’t you sell him?”

“Sell him?” Mary cried. “I oversold him, and now he wants to become a priest!”

When you pray, consider the consequences of your heart’s desire.

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