Jun 5, 2015

Senior Sunday

I would like to offer this prayer for our graduating seniors this year:

Gracious God, eternal God, you have led us to curiosity
about our creation, ourselves, and all things unknown.
Let us never lose our sense of wonder about the world you have given us.

Help us celebrate the turning point in the lives of our graduating seniors who have meant so much to us.
We thank you Lord that you have let us watch them grow in the faith and mature as adults in our world.

God of Abraham and Sarah,
you lead us to new understandings when we least expect them.
Let us never see ourselves as too young, too old, or too wise
to learn new lessons from you.

God of the prophets,
you call us to speak truth with love to a reluctant world.
Give us courage to judge ourselves,
and wisdom to learn from those you send to teach us.

God of the rich young ruler,
you love us though we shrink from the challenge of discipleship.
Teach us to surrender our own wills,
that we might seek yours and draw closer to your grace.

Everlasting, ever-loving God, teacher, creator,
giver of knowledge and freedom, fear and courage, doubt and faith,
grant that we might always use your gifts to build a world
where peace, justice, love, and hope reign in wisdom and in truth. Amen.

I hope you (our seniors) know that our prayers as a congregation will always be with you.

Sincerely, your friend,

David Mosser

Come, Worship
Stay, Learn
Go, Serve


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