Jun 12, 2015

Junior High Mission Trip

We certainly want to give our Junior High mission team a Blessing as they journey to do God’s work in Granbury, Texas. We wish not only our youngsters a blessing but also the adult sponsors that go with them not only to mentor and guide them, but also to roll up their sleeves and go to work alongside our youth.

I have often wondered about being a Junior High person. They are at that age where they are too old for some things and too young for others. We might even use an old fashioned phrase and suggest that Junior High persons are those who are “betwixt and between.” I suppose this means that people of this age are “neither here nor there;” or “neither one thing nor the other.” People of this age are no doubt stuck “between yes and no.”

For this reason the church not only blesses these of an uncertain age, but we pray for them and hope that they can minister to others and that we can minister to them.

Our prayer is that as they serve others that they will learn fundamental values to exist in the world.

Come, Worship
Stay, Learn
Go, Serve


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