Apr 10, 2015

Easter: Is it Worth the Climb?”

As many of you know, Easter Sunday here at FUMC of Arlington, Texas was a wonderful experience. We heard the gospel from Paul’s vantage point and we listened to a wonderful array of choirs. In a sense, the whole of our Christian year points toward Easter. It seems like a long and arduous journey for only one day that emerges as a whole liturgical or worship season. Yet as mountain climbers respond when someone asks, “Why do you climb mountains anyway?” The answer for them is simple: “Because it is there!”

Several years ago on television I watched a National Geographic program about the climbing of Mount Everest. What struck me most was that the expeditions to the top of the world’s tallest peak had a lot in common with people like us trying to help build God’s realm through the church’s ministries—whether a One Mile Mission or 5,789 Mile Mission!

In church pursuits like these, missions and many, many other quests, leaders make mistakes and followers get both fatigued and disheartened. The result of successful missions, however, is worth the price. We participate in the Kingdom or Realm of God because that is why God created us.

As we continue to celebrate Easter which is both a day and a liturgical season, may we get a sense of just how counter-cultural our community of faith is!


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