Jan 23, 2015

What Constitutes Fame and Greatness in Our Time?

What constitutes fame and greatness in our time? There is a story about three people who were debating this very issue one day. The first one said, “Greatness is being in Washington D.C. on a tour of the White House, and the President comes out of the Oval Office and invites you in for a brief conversation with him. That’s greatness!”

“No,” said the second. “I’ll tell you what greatness is. Greatness is being in Washington D.C., touring the White House, being invited into the Oval Office for conversation with the President, and the red phone rings. Whereupon the President says, ‘Let it ring. This conversation is more important right now.’ That’s greatness!”

“You’re both wrong,” said the third. “Greatness is being in the Oval Office with the President and the red phone rings. The president says, ‘Here, this is for you!’

Come, Worship
Stay, Learn
Go, Serve


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