Sep 26, 2014

The Evangelism Principle or How to Promote Your Own Church

I hope, that like you, I try to do my best to invite people to our church and its worship. When I run into folks who are new to the area or those that I know do not have a church home, I always invite them to be a part of the FUMC of Arlington. We have so much to offer people of every age and stage of life. It is for this reason that I believe the sermon series Unbinding Your Heart is so important to our work here together.

Please remember that we have a wonderful church. We do so much for so many in this community, that it is really staggering. We, through our children’s ministry and our ECYC preschool, influence so many people. We visit and pray for more shut-ins than any United Methodist Church I have ever known. Our record in community activities that benefit children, such as H.O.P.E. tutoring or our back to school clinic and the Arlington Reads program, is well recognized. We are in the process of beginning another Habitat House build and the list goes on and on and on.

Yet, what is really surprising is that we are tentative about inviting people to Sunday school and worship. I would ask all of us who are active at FUMC of Arlington to take some time and not only invite people to worship, but also be in prayer for those persons among us who are trying to find a church family. We should at least show them the courtesy and hospitality of letting them know us before they decide.

Our congregation has so much to offer so many, it would be a shame to keep our light under a bushel basket. If we don’t invite others to be a part of us then we miss an opportunity to know others and let them get to know us. It is not difficult. All it takes is some attention and the confidence that we are doing our best to help connect people to God. Let’s work together to advance the gospel through our ministries.

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Stay Learn
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