Sep 19, 2014

Is it Worth the Climb?

Several years ago, one of my pastor friends lost a church member who had fallen off the side of a rockface. Earlier the same month at least a dozen people lost their lives during a helicopter crash as it tried to rescue climbers from K2, a mountain in the Himalayas, after an ice slide. Why would people take such risks and climb in such dangerous places? I think only those who dare to do what these folks attempted can answer such questions. “Unbinding our hearts” may be one way to share the excitement of the life of faith.

Several years ago, on some cable television station or another, I saw a program about the climbing of Mount Everest. However fanatical we might think such adventurers are, they still try to conquer the mountain. What struck me most was that the expeditions had a lot in common with the building of God’s realm through the ministries of the church. Leaders make mistakes and the followers get both tired and discouraged. The result, however, is worth the price—at least to those who are passionately faithful. May we enjoy the blessed journey together!

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