Jul 25, 2014

The Confidence of Knowing

On July 15, 1986, Roger Clemens, major league pitcher, started his first All-Star Game. In the second inning, he came to bat, something he hadn’t done because of the American League’s designated-hitter rule. He then looked out at his forbidding opponent, Dwight Gooden, who in the previous year had won the Cy Young Award.

Gooden wound up and threw a white-hot fastball past Clemens. With an embarrassed smile on his face, Clemens stepped out of the box and asked catcher, Gary Carter, “Is that what my pitches look like?”

“You bet it is!” replied Carter.

Although Clemens quickly struck out, he went on to pitch three perfect innings and be named the game’s most valuable player. He later said that from that day on, with a fresh reminder of how overpowering a good fastball is, he pitched with far greater boldness.

Sometimes we forget how powerful our witness can be, and the gospel has that power, when we speak it with confidence.

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Stay Learn
Go Serve


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