Jul 11, 2014

Never Give Up

In June of 1965 Winston Churchill gave the commencement address at a British university. At this time he was physically infirm and had to be helped to the podium. Then he held on to the podium for an exceptional amount of time.

He stood with his head down. But finally, with the voice that had called Britain back from the brink of destruction, sounded publicly for the last time: “Never give up. Never give up. Never give up.”

With that, Churchill turned and went back to his seat.

I’m told there was silence, and then, as if one person, the whole audience rose to applaud him, because he was a man whose life and words were together. Throughout Churchill’s career, he had known setbacks. Three times, his career apparently over, he was sent off to oblivion, and yet somehow he had a sense that there was still something left after the worst.

We all need a sense of hope and that is the gift that today’s church can offer a culture and a society on the edge of despair. So let us give the world our hope.

Come Worship
Stay Learn
Go Serve


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