May 2, 2014

A Season of Hope

Easter is not just a day of the liturgical year; it is a season too. As such, this Easter season is a season of hope. Spring has sprung and everything is now in its fullest bloom. Faith too offers hope to a world mired in despair. Are you part of the problem—or part of the solution?

I have a friend who was pastor of a rural church in Red Oak, Texas, for four years long ago. After about two years as a pastor in this community, he noticed each time he celebrated a funeral, three older women in the village would attend. His curiosity was triggered when they attended a funeral of a man, nearly a hundred years old, who had not lived in the community for many, many years. So he asked them, “Why do you three attend every funeral I preach in the Red Oak Funeral Home?”

They replied: “We never hear preachers talk about hope, except at funerals and we are old now. We need hope every week and that is why we come.”

If we were better at describing our common lives, we might say something similar. Life, even in its most ordinary guises, is difficult. To live life abundantly, we need words of hope. This is especially true when life disappoints and crushes. Experience has taught us that, if we live long enough there will be moments when our response to life will waver between hope and despair.

Easter is the time to share the hope God offers us in Christ. Please: share away.

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