Apr 4, 2014


Many people know our son, Neil, is in the Peace Corps in Madagascar. He is on my mind a lot these days. This reminded me of a story regarding the Peace Corps and our coming now to Holy Week.

“I have a habit,” he said, “of asking taxi drivers in Washington, D.C., if they ever had a Peace Corps teacher. It seems that all D. C. cabs are driven by students from Africa!

Almost without exception a driver will turn quickly to me and start describing a Peace Corps teacher. This is done with the most spontaneous smile of goodwill, because the Peace Corps volunteer teacher, as a rule, made herself or himself a part of the life of the community without making silly comparisons. The volunteer entered into the lives of the people as, how, and where they were. One could observe on the slightest contact how gently and easily these giving young people—and some not so young—bridged the chasm of language, culture, religion, and economic difference. It was love at work, because it is such selflessness, it generates a response of similar selflessness.”

I would hope that this might be our approach to evangelism for FUMC of Arlington. That when we share Christ with others that we might, “enter the lives of the people as, how, and where they are.” This is how Christ becomes incarnate in our world and other’s world too.

Come, Worship

Stay, Learn

Go, Serve


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