Nov 15, 2013

An Offertory Word

Some of the folks in our congregation have expressed a concern about the status of our nation’s economy and people’s commitment to the church. They ask, “Do you think people will cut back their giving at the church now that we live in times of economic uncertainty?”

So, I want to say two things about this. First, people who cut back giving to their church in times of economic uncertainty already cut back long ago—some in 1957, some in 1980, some in 1986, and some in 2008. People who need an excuse to cut back giving to the church have previously had plenty of ready excuses available.

Second, we have an exceptionally faithful congregation. Despite the absolute change in our neighborhood and the geographical shift of our church members' homes, we have nonetheless done amazing things in mission, outreach, and providing availability of our building to those who need a place to meet. Not only this, but in the midst of all the things that make people financially frightened and anxious, we have had an amazing response to our capital campaign. For these reasons, and because I know our people so well, I am confident that although over-exposure to CNN, Fox, Bloomberg, and CNBC can produce big-time anxiety, people of faith do what people of faith do—they remain steadfast to their core beliefs.

Thank you for support the work of Jesus Christ through the ministries of our church.



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