Oct 4, 2013

What Do You See?

As the senior minister of First United Methodist Church of Arlington, Texas, I want to brag about how our church connects people. Our congregation is a progressive community of faith that is quite mission minded. In addition, we are Christians guided by a rich faith tradition. We are also a practical people who try to live out our Christian faith in the “nickels and dimes” of life.

Rick S. Johnson aptly describes our philosophy when he once wrote not about us, but certainly he captures the spirit of our place:
As people look at barren land, what is it they see? A person starting a new business sees a new store with a beautiful parking lot—jammed with paying customers. Another person could see a home-site with trees, landscaping, and children playing, with a horse or two completing the vision. Church folks looking at a raw piece of land, however, envision a dynamic new congregation, where worship and Christian education help a community live the gospel. In each of the three cases, there is one common thread: all see something that is not there—yet! Each looks through the eyes of hope. They look not at what is, but rather what can be.
Are you a person who is capable of seeing things that are not there? If so, then you are a person of hope. We invite you to come, visit, and help us shape Arlington’s future—and the rest of the Metroplex. We at FUMC of  Arlington, open our hearts, our minds, and our doors to you and your household. Come and lend a hand to help us be the people that God created us to be.



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