Aug 9, 2013

Youth and True Friendship

Sometimes, our young folks get a bad rap. The truth is we have some really great kids here at FUMC of Arlington. I am so pleased Joseph Bradley, our new youth director and soon to be pastor, is here. He will do great things with our youth, but they are also going to be a blessing to him—I am certain. School is soon to start, so I will wish all of our students the best and assure them that we will pray for them each day.

I want to share a story of one high school senior, and what his eight friends did for him to show their support and love when it was discovered that he had cancer. We sometimes forget the depth of compassion some youngsters are capable of displaying. The prognosis for the boy is good, and the doctors are optimistic, but to fight the malignancy he had to have chemotherapy. One of the things that bothered him most was the temporary hair loss caused by the chemotherapy. The thought of having to go back to school with no hair was painful (I know it is for me).
But his friends devised a plan to help him. To ease his pain and embarrassment, to show their support and love, and  as a gesture of empathy and authentic friendship, his friends did a remarkable thing—they all shaved their heads so he would not feel so alone and conspicuous when he returned to school! The front page picture in the local newspaper showed them standing there in a semicircle, with Lance O’Pry in the middle, all with their heads shaved. And the headline read: “Everything We Do, We Do Together!”

The high school principal said, “This is a unique bunch of fellows who are extremely close and extremely supportive of each other. I think it was super [the way] they banded behind him at such a critical time of his life.” One of the friends said, “We never would have done this as a prank. We did it because it had meaning. We were happy to do it.”

“And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13).

PS. Don’t miss the youth led worship service this Sunday!!



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