Jun 21, 2013


Beginning on Sunday night, 28 June 2013 we will have our annual Adult Vacation Bible School. As at its inception, VBSA is for adults who are not able to make it to Switzerland, Bangkok, London, Paris, Singapore, or New York. If you cannot make it to Istanbul or Dubai this summer and you would like a deep look at the first chapters of the book of Genesis, then join us on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings.

As food is always an issue, we will eat a meal each night from 6:30–7 pm and then the study begins at 7 pm.

  • Sunday - Potluck salads
  • Monday - Build your own nachos ($5)
  • Tuesday - Boxes from McAlister's ($5)
Meals will be ordered according to sign-up. Nursery is available upon prior request. Registration is available online or in the main office (contact Rev. Kay Lancaster for more information  at 817-274-2571).

The first eleven chapters of Genesis tell about the beginnings of the world. Many scholars believe that the account has multiple authors and a later editor or “redactor” collected stories from various traditional sources into one volume. This is always such a good week at church each summer and I look forward to seeing you.



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