May 3, 2013

Supervised Ministry Students (aka “Interns” Guided by Lay Teaching Committees)

During the 2012–2013 school year, Rezolia Johnson and Amanda Bresciani have fulfilled the requirements for Perkins School of Theology’s Supervised Ministry Intern Year. Each has been supervised by her Lay Training Committees. Requirements have included the ministry areas of preaching, teaching, evangelism, pastoral care, church administration, and communication. Amanda Bresciani’s committee included Chair Royleen Cooper and committee members: Suzanne Carmichael, Rosine Barnett, Ken Farr, Jared Jones, Julio Casablanca, and Bill Smith (former Aldersgate LTC, Chair). Rev. Brian A. Young served as Amanda’s mentor during her time with us.

Those who served on Rezolia Johnson’s committee were Chair Carole Hoyer and committee members: Bob Fairbanks, Sonjia Fields, Kyle Givens, Aaron Hill, Chris Houston, Mark Pierce, David Weldon, and Joy Wells. The Central Texas Annual Conference will address each of these folks as they respond to the call to ministry in the United Methodist Church as time progresses.

I know that both Amanda and Rezolia are grateful for the support of their Lay Training Committees and our congregation’s encouragement. We will recognize both candidates and their committees Sunday, 19 May 2013, in worship.

We appreciate the investment our congregation has made in the teaching and formation of ministers—a task FUMC of Arlington has done with distinction for many years. Please share your words of thanks to each of these ministerial candidates and to their committee members for their exceptional work.



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