Oct 15, 2012

McCurdy Mission Trip

As the sun began to rise this morning over the Jemez mountains and our mission team of 15 rolled out of bed in Espanola, New Mexico, we knew it was going to be a great week of outreach!  

We are staying and working at McCurdy school, which is located in the Rio Grande valley just 25 miles north of Santa Fe and has been a haven of safety and quality Christian education for numerous children in its 100 year history.  As we walk among the buildings and talk with the staff and missionaries, it is apparent that God has been at work on this campus and continues to have plans for its future.  

This year, due to financial constraints, the school faced the realization that it would have to close its doors or do something radically different.  So the administration and trustees prayed about it and decided to go back to the schools roots by applying for Charter school status through the state and separating the educational component from the ministry component.  This allows the school to receive state funding and accept more students—matter of fact, they have doubled in size this year.  

But with any change comes a range of emotions and tasks to be completed.  Because the school was founded so long ago and many of the buildings were built in the early 1900's, several of them cannot be  used for the Charter school and the others have to be brought up to current codes and ADA compliance.  The plan is for four of the buildings to be demolished and a new building put up in its place to take the school into the future.  In terms of ministry (mental health counseling, bible studies, Christian education, etc.) it means they have to be creative to reach the students before and after school due to the separation of church and state.  But the ministry staff's dedication to Christ and to the students has given them renewed hope that they will keep the McCurdy vision alive.

So what does that mean our team is doing all week?  Well....each day will hold something new, but we have begun our week with team members working in the cafeteria, cleaning out some of the buildings to be torn down or repurposed, purging documents, organizing school supplies and generally helping out wherever needed.  Everyone is choosing to show the students Christ through our actions and presence, even when we cannot use our words.  

We look forward to sharing our days and insights with you as we minister to and with the people of McCurdy school.  We also hope that you are inspired to reach out and touch those that are in your presence this week as well.  

I leave you with a quote on the wall of our dormitory this week.  It is a great reminder of God calling us each and every day.  AMEN

I am only one,
but yet,
I am one.
I cannot do everything,
but I can do something.
And what I can do,
I ought to do.
And what I ought to do,
by the Grace of God,


S. Martin said...

We're praying for ya'll!

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