Mar 5, 2012

Our Youth at FUMC of Arlington

When I see what our young folks do for out 8:15 AM worship service under Greg Haugen’s leadership and how strong the Youth Group is with Nick Scott’s guidance, it makes me brim with pride. To that end, I continue to encourage our congregation to help support our teenage youngsters in their many church pursuits and mission activities.

For but one example, on March 4–8 and 18–22 we will hold our annual “stock sales.” Our hope is that we can raise about $22,000+. It is a big push for the Youth, as it is the lone fundraiser they have each year to benefit the mission trips they take. I would rather people give a tithe (10%) to the church to avoid fundraisers, but alas this is not the world we now live in. This fundraiser is vital to make our trips affordable for many families, especially those with two or more participating youth. Not only that; a portion is set aside to fund some scholarships for those who could not otherwise go.

The three trips that will benefit are the Junior High mission trip, Senior High mission trip and the Testament Choir tour. The Junior High group will be traveling to Waco to help on a variety of projects for people in need there. The Senior High will be helping with the 2011 (and maybe 2012) spring storm recovery effort. The exact location is not yet known.

The Testament Choir tour is taking 60+ youth to Denver. In Denver, and along the way, they will perform in retirement homes and assisted living facilities. In addition to scattering the love of Christ between Arlington and Denver and providing for people’s real needs, these trips also help our youth grow closer to God and to each other.

I like to bear in mind what John Wesley taught the early Methodists:

Gain all you can;
 Save all you can;
Give all you can.

Let’s keep our youth in our prayers!


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