Mar 30, 2012

The Irony of Holy Week

Irony is a word that simply means, “Things are not as they appear.” An example of irony might be for us to hear that “the firehouse burned” or that a well-educated politician failed to spell “potato” correctly. Over the years, several ironic situations have raised their heads. One such example involved, strangely enough, President Regan. In 1964, a United Artists executive, dismissing the suggestion the studio offer Ronald Reagan the starring role in the movie “The Best Man," said “Reagan doesn’t have the presidential look.” 

There is a lot about both Holy Week and Easter that brings to mind the concept of irony. For example, the term “Good Friday” is one of the most ironic names for any day we might imagine. From the perspective of justice, we find nothing "good" about the execution of an innocent Messiah-person on a cross in front of hostile crowds and his own fair-weather friends.

Whatever else we think about the irony of Good Friday and Easter, they do provide the liberation of human beings from the bondage of sin and death through the crucifixion of God’s only son. But it is an irony freely given us by God, and in which we stand. Come help us celebrate the irony of giving the dead new life in Christ.

See you during Holy Week and on Sunday at the “Resurrection Place”—FUMC of Arlington.

Come early, or come late, but come—we are expecting you.


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