Jun 17, 2011

The War of 1812

When was the last time you thought about the War of 1812?

It began on 18 June 1812 (which is tomorrow). That is also 199 years ago and, according to my informal survey at Denny’s on Park Row in Grand Prairie, the random sample there obviously cared nothing about the War of 1812. They did find it odd I asked them about the war, as they were trying to dig into the Grand Slam Breakfast. Interviewing people while eating is tricky!

You may remember that President James Madison signed the declaration of war against Great Britain into law and the war began. Which is to say that, sometimes, we think we are doing something exceedingly important—and yet looked at from the distance of two centuries it does not seem to mean much.

Although, as a footnote, the War of 1812 did turn out to be an important, although under-appreciated, war in any event. The British—sore losers of the Revolutionary War—blockaded ports on the American East coast and targeted the French shipping industry.

It is an easy thing, I think, to forget some of the great sacrifices that others have made to bring us to where we are today. May we pray that the sacrifices that we make for others will be as important as those we have forgotten over the years.


Susan Schrock said...

I can relate on the awkwardness of interviewing people while they are eating.

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