Jun 11, 2011

Division Street Project

Over the last three years, some of our church’s best leaders—Bart Thompson, Brian Cotter, and Charles Clawson—have led our church in a project to furnish a face-lift to our south side property on Division Street. This has been a lengthy task and has a great degree of difficulty given the nature of State Highway 180 which, as we all know, runs a few miles south and parallels Interstate 30, despite never intersecting with it. Our little Division Street starts in the West as Lancaster Avenue ends. It extends through Arlington to Grand Prairie where it becomes Main Street all the way to Davis Street in the Oak Cliff vicinity of Dallas.

Brian, Charles, and Bart have spent countless hours in what they originally thought was a small landscaping project. This project was to replace the trees that the church had removed near the Vandergrift Chapel. With the renovation of Center Street and the addition of several near-by restaurants and new office buildings, the Division facelift project once completed, will provide an agreeable appearance to the exterior of First United Methodist Church of Arlington.

We need to thank those in addition to our “ringleaders” who have offered numerous volunteer hours. In addition, we understand that the legal documents produced by Brian Cotter are worth thousands of dollars. A tomorrow foundation grant of $55K will fund the whole project. In addition it is this kind of attention to infrastructure that will continue to move our neighborhood forward. There is much hope for the recovery efforts of central and downtown area of Arlington, Texas, USA. I am proud we are part of this neighborhood healing.


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