Apr 22, 2011

Just Friday! (Good Friday)

On this Good Friday we listen to the words of Thomas Lane Butts who highly recommends us hearing John Ed Matheson on 1 May 2011 at FUMC of Arlington, Texas and also at 7:00 pm on the next day Monday. Both of these occasions will be in the church’s sanctuary. Jim Moore will preach on Tuesday (3 May 2011)with outstanding music each evening.

Today, as we walk the via dolorosa with Jesus and weep at the cross, we are kept from despair in the sure knowledge that there is an ending we do not see. When faith in the power and wisdom of God is the theme and mood of our lives, we can live with the pain of the moment.

Several years ago I listened in rapt attention to Dr. Tony Campolo describe a sermon preached by his pastor on Good Friday titled: “It Is Friday, but Sunday’s Coming!” The disciples are lost in pain and shame. Mary is crying. The crowd is jeering: “He saved others, now let him save himself.” The religious authorities are strutting and laughing. The Roman soldiers are shooting dice for his garments. Jesus is dying. What they do not know is that it is just Friday. Just Friday! But, Sunday is coming! Do you understand that? (Thomas Lane Butts)


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