Mar 19, 2011

Ken Diehm was My Friend

At virtually this very time give or take two hours, on 19th February 2011, my good friend Ken Diehm passed. Ironically, Ken died four years to the day and nearly to the minute of my 2007 car wreck in Round Rock that probably should have taken my own life. As none of Kenneth’s best preacher friends would have been in any emotional shape to celebrate his life three weeks ago at his memorial service, I want to write some thoughts here as my way of freezing Kenny in my mind and heart.

I met Ken around the fall of 1982 when he was going to Brite and Ken and Kenda were living in student housing. I was looking for John Fiedler who played intramural football with Ken and walked into Ken and Kenda’s apartment. Kenda said I was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts, and cowboy boots. Funny thing is I don’t remember that. What I do remember is that the only OU-Texas football game I ever went to was with Ken when he was in Cisco and I was in De Leon. I remember that if anything had ever happened to Helen and me, that Ken and Kenda were in our will as legal guardians for our three children. I took Ken off my pension plan paperwork only six weeks ago as Neil Mosser was turning 21 and Ken said "thanks" because he had enough trouble already. I remember traveling with Ken to New Mexico on several occasions to do Bible study with Tim, Travis, Bobby, Bruster, and Neil.

I remember talking through ideas for ministry and the fuller involvement of lay folks and how to help guide them into the joy of giving life away in the Body of Christ—and we talked a lot about the “One Mile Mission.” I remember staying at his house for Annual Conference when we met at White’s Chapel UMC because it was so far to drive back and forth to Midlothian each day. I remember Ken trying to tell Kody who I was when we were at their house and Kody looking at him and saying, as only a teen-ager could: “Come on Dad . . . you don’t need to try and explain this guy.” I remember being with Ken at Arlington Memorial Hospital when his grandson was born and how happy he was. I remember Kenny trying to put in plain words the United Methodist Pension program to me. O Boy!!!

I remember Ken . . . . and when I do, then I also remember Tim Russell, Gary Carroll, Bobby Baggett, and how fortunate I was to know them all. And then I remember Ken . . . .


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