Mar 3, 2011

Be a Hero

Our congregation hosts “Be a Hero, Not a Bully” this Sunday, 6 March 2011. The intent is to help people learn how to fight against bullying. The presenter will be Jim Lord of the Character Network ( The event is at noon and FUMC children’s ministries will be the sponsor.

We have designed the workshop to supply tools to our children (with help from their parents) to contest peacefully the occurrence of bullying. Whenever someone says or does something potentially hurtful to another person, then it may be a circumstance of bullying. (The church will offer box lunches for $10 [adults] and $5 [children]. Someone will collect the payment at the door).

There are many ways to bully others and it is much like other kinds of abuse—it is often very difficult to avoid. Many people’s most painful memories in life come from incidents of the bullying of classmates, neighbors, or in some cases spouses.

I pray that those who want to address this issue will consider attending our sessions on Sunday, 6 March 2011.


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