Dec 27, 2010

Year End Review: From FUMC of Arlington, TX

Here are some things addressed this year by me. Some are good; others kind of zany.

--If we could pass along the gifts to others that God has first offered us, just think of what a redeemed world we would inhabit.

--Spiritually mature people are thankful people.

--God kisses us all and forgets which ones of us are adopted and which ones of us are naturals.

--Doris Mortman once wrote, “Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have.”

--“I don’t really go to church. I’m more like a self-healer-type.”

--The ministry theme for our church for 2011 is “Going the Second Mile: Dare to Share.”

--Our youth and their effort were such that every child that the church ministers to (in Russia) received a pair of jeans last year.

--The king then gave an order to the guard: “Release this guilty man. I don’t want him corrupting all these innocent people.”

--Unfortunately, most of our discussion of issues in the public square today are more noisy than rational. Does anyone really listen any more?

--“Is it raining?”

--What would she have said if the church told her that we instruct parents for three years and then we talk about baptism?

--Thank goodness for music—especially this season.

--“The best way of appearing to listen,” he said, “is to listen” (Max Dupree, Leadership Jazz, Dell, New York, 1992, pp. 28-9).

--After all mercy is often pretty cheap to dish out in abundance.

--Will my friends be there? Will I have fun? Will I make some money?

--I want to suggest that if we want to be part of a next great generation, then we mark well the life of the last great generation. Their lives were a blueprint for faith, hope, and love. And this last week of December 2010 is a time for all of us to pause—and to remember.

Welcome, 2011.
Happy New Year: David N. Mosser


Debbie said...

The phrase that spoke to me the most was "spiritually mature people are thankful people." Sometimes I am mature, and sometimes not!

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