May 1, 2010

Mother’s Day

This week I simply want to share a couple of delightful things I have heard or read the last decade or so. Perhaps there is nothing profound here, but with mothers and fathers it is all profound at one level or another. I hope this lifts your day.


Do you remember Bill Cosby’s comments about the difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? Mothers are organized. They give their children a list of what they want, and then say, “Now go get the money from your father and you surprise me on Mother’s Day. You do that for me.”

As Cosby told it, “On Father’s Day I give each of my five children $20 to go out and buy me a present. They buy two packages of under shorts for $5 each—and each package has three shorts. They unwrap the packages, wrap each pair of shorts separately.” Cosby concludes, “On Father’s Day, I am walking around in new underwear and my kids are walking around with $90 in change in their pockets.”

Another story about the Festival of the Christian Home:

My sister had been ill, so I called to see how she was doing. My ten-year-old niece answered the phone.
“Hello,” she whispered.
“Hi, Honey. How’s your mother doing?” I asked.
“She’s sleeping,” she answered, again in a whisper.
“Did she go to the doctor?” I asked.
“Yes. She got some medicine,” my niece said softly.
“Well, don’t wake her. Just tell her I called. What are you doing, by the way?”
Again in a soft whisper, she answered, “Practicing my trumpet.”

May God grant us a blessed time with our family this May.


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