Apr 16, 2010

I’m Just Saying . . . .

Last fall as our congregation had our maiden voyage into the teeth of the new stadium and I addressed all the parking and traffic issues we might face, I got some random grumbles about me preaching about football. For those of you who do not have the spiritual discernment of irony or careful reading, I want to tell you the following article is about Sunday school and not professional football! Savvy?

In 1969 Joe Namath, alias “Broadway Joe,” turned the football world upside down by leading his New York Jets to victory over the legendary Johnny Unitas [and Earl Morrall] and the Baltimore Colts.

Joe Namath had a reputation as a party-guy and man about town. When he purchased a restaurant in New York that was frequented by unsavory characters and big-time gamblers, no one was surprised. At the time, the commissioner of the National Football League was Pete Rozelle. Rozelle told Namath to sell the restaurant because it tarnished the image of the NFL.

Namath refused. Rozelle, however, would not relent in his insistence that Namath sell. A confrontation was inevitable. Suddenly Namath called a news conference. He announced, “I have changed my mind. I will sell.”

The media-types were dumbfounded. They insisted on an answer. “Why are you selling?”

“I remember a lesson my Sunday school teacher taught me,” was the reply. He then left the interview room.

This article is seriously about Sunday school and the impact you teachers have on youngsters!


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