Mar 12, 2010


After five years, I recently looked back and saw something that I wrote (and was not read by many I am sure), but nonetheless gives us some perspective on our journey the last five years. Thus I offer you “Some Things to Ponder for 2005” and let you decide whether or not we have been faithful to our call at FUMC, Arlington, Texas.

Several weeks ago I mentioned from the pulpit some of my personal goals for our congregation. Several members have asked for these items, so I share these in The Chimes for those unable to attend worship that Sabbath.

The first objective I would like to see us achieve is evangelistic. Evangelism means simply “sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.” One way we might quantify our gospel outreach is to embrace new members to our church family. For a 5000 member church, if we expand our membership a mere 3%, then we would include 150 new members. If we invite co-workers, family members, or those who do not have a church home from among our acquaintances, this “150 new persons” is a remarkably achievable goal. I urge us also to diligently make our newest members quickly feel that this is THEIR church, too. Thus, we help assimilate our newest members, as well.

A second goal or objective is to continue to grow in our mission giving and do so on a church-wide basis. We have many dedicated stewards at FUMC who assist our congregational mission outreach in remarkable ways. I would pray that we could continue to swell this group of stewards/disciples. My mental picture is for us to offer many occasions for our entire membership to play a part, and as widely as possible, in mission giving as a full congregation. We do well, but there are many needs in our world today. For here the saying holds true, “Many hands lighten the load.” Let’s keep up the good work!

Last, I would trust that we as a congregation would take with utmost seriousness our attention to worship attendance. It is in worship that we most nearly come together as a large congregation. Clearly, no one can have perfect attendance, but I would hope that those who attend only seldom or intermittently might help our worship experience by attending more devotedly. We will soon have a full-time Minister/Director of Music in place and nothing encourages those who lead more than tempered zeal from those who have selected them as leaders. Likewise, worship is a place where we reenact the story of salvation in meaningful and holy ways. Worship has always been the cornerstone of the faith community. Nehemiah 10:39 reminds us, as it did those in Israel: “We will not neglect the house of our God.”

As we begin our second year together as congregation and pastor, I cannot thank you affectionately enough for having made my family and me welcome among you. I pray we continue on the path which we have begun, and with God’s providential guidance, perhaps we can continue to become a community of love, a place of forgiveness, and a beacon of hope.

Sincerely, your friend,

David N. Mosser

About our goals I will share over the next few weeks how we are doing in my estimation and where we are heading in our “Going the 2nd Mile Campaign.” Pray for me as I do you.


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