Oct 9, 2009

Other People’s Treasures

It could be pity or simply over-accessibility but people give me stuff sometimes.

A couple I knew, Frank and Lou Dean, decided to move back to the Rio Grande Valley because as he put it, “It is too darn hot and too darn cold to live here in North Texas. We can’t stand it.” On their way out of town, Frank and Lou came by and gave me about twenty pounds of long playing phonograph albums that had the entire Revised Standard Version of the Bible on them. Fortunately, I knew what records were, but I am not sure if many of our children would know.

Before this, a fellow named Hunter awarded me an old Swedish language Bible saying that he thought I could use such an old and valuable Bible—I guess being that I looked like I probably read Swedish(?). “Besides,” he asked, “Isn’t your wife of Swedish descent?”

Over the years I have received many gifts of this sort, from old clocks to old books. I suppose that these various articles hold some sentimental value for people if nothing else. Perhaps, people give them to me because they cannot bring themselves to toss these kinds of artifacts into a dumpster.

What does all this mean? I haven’t a clue.


Estee said...

You mean you don't read Swedish? And to think, I was going to give you a book by Kirkegaard written in its original language. Oh wait, he was Danish. Shoot. I don't know a single thing about Sweden. Oh well. Appears you don't either.

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