Aug 21, 2009

"Our enemies can often correct our faults by their disparagement, just as the flattery of friends can corrupt us" (Augustine, Confessions).

During my travels this summer (2009) I spent some time with James J. O'Donnell's relatively new biography of Saint Augustine titled of all things--Augustine: A New Biography (2005). Of course there are many splendid biographies of Augustine--Peter Brown, F. Van Der Meer, and Gary Wills, to name a few . . . and scores more besides. O'Donnell's Confessions, however, seems well written and thorough. Best of all this 340 page book got me through a lot of "down time" in airports and elsewhere this summer. As Augustine is one of the theologians most influential in Western culture, I can never read enough either by him or about him--and the literature is extensive.

Perhaps it is a reflection of my advancing age, but I still enjoy reading. In fact one of the best gifts people give me is offering tips on a good read or two. So today I want to thank Dan Dick and John Robbins for providing me six book titles to add to my reading list. I hope these will get me through all my "down time" between now and Advent!


Estee said...

Okay, I have a question. Did Augustine coin the phrase "faith seeking understanding" or was it Anselm? Since you read a big book on Augustine I thought you might know. I remember that there is some connection there, but can't remember the specifics.

David Mosser said...

Estee: I do beleive it was St. Augustine that wrote about "faith seeking understanding" and if memory serves me it is in his "Confessions." Augustine is so fundamental to western theology that any time spent reading him is a good investment.

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