Aug 18, 2009

Coming Attractions

Several decades ago, in fact in July 1976, the following banner was seen draped across a London street: "America! Come Home—All is Forgiven!!" Those Brits have a wry sense of humor—especially about our US bi-centennial.

In an ironic sense, however, this is a similar call the church makes to modern America every autumn. Many of our citizens/members have been recreating or slumbering all summer, but now the call goes out—Come Home--All is Forgiven! Therefore Sunday 7 September 2009, is hereby declared “Amnesty Sunday” at First United Methodist Church, Arlington, Texas. All persons who claim FUMC as domicile can come home without penalty. You are eternally welcome here!!!

I look forward to worshiping with you Sunday and hope this next year, although demanding, will be one of joy and discovery for us all.


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